The island of Bozcaada is located off Turkey’s Aegean Coast, just to the west of the Dardanelles Strait. It is Turkey’s third largest island and has been a centre for grape and wine production throughout much of its history.

It was originally named Tenedos, appearing in both the “Iliad” and the “Aeneid”, and held an important strategic location throughout Turkey’s history. It was held under the control of successive regimes, from the Achaemenid Persian Empire to the Byzantine Empire, and eventually came under the Ottoman Empire in 1455. The island was settled by both Greeks and Turks, although many of the latter fled in the early 19th century when Bozcaada was temporarily occupied by the Russians and much of the town burnt down. Its population remained a Greek majority until the early 1970s, and the island has now emerged as a popular getaway for local Turks and international tourists alike.

In addition to sampling the fine wine produced on the island and touring its vineyards, set amidst pine forested landscapes, don’t miss a visit to the Bozcaada Castle, located in the island’s only town on its northeastern tip. It was occupied by the Byzantines, Venetians and Genoans, and stands as one of Turkey’s best-preserved castles.

The cobblestone streets of Bozcaada are also pleasant to wander, lined with traditional architecture, authentic cafes and small boutique shops. You can take a dip in the small harbour, or head to one of the island's more picturesque beaches in the south. Ayazma and Habbele are two of the more popular beach clubs where you can grab a sun lounger and beach umbrella, and just soak up the island atmosphere.

Bozcaada's rich history and wine growing traditions make it an idyllic island getaway, so join us on one of our shore excursions to discover all it has to offer.