Exploring the Ruins of Ancient Troy

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Canakkale Cruise Port

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Visiting: Troy

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After arriving Canakkale port, our guide will pick you up and start driving through the beautiful countryside to this renounced ancient site that has appeared in Iliad's classic and later popularized by the Hollywood's version, we will start the tour with Troy.  

Most of us must have heard of this famous ancient city. Its fame has been boosted up in the popular culture by the new Hollywood version with Brad Pitt in it. Once you are there, it is not difficult to pictures the characters in Homer's Iliad such as Helen and Paris coming alive. After it had been thought for centuries that Homeric myths were just pure fiction, Henrich Schliemann, a German-born American millionaire-turned amateur archaeologist, had proved that Troy once existed for a long time. The amateur archaeologist has hired local workers and began excavating where he believed used to be where Troy was located, which is the lower slopes of Mount Ida. His archaeologist peers were astonished when his team had finally discovered the 4,000 year old ancient city buried underneath the earth. Troy has been rising like a phoenix. It now draws so many tourists who are eager to find out about its history.    

Troy is impressive for its great age and beautiful situation. The remaining Bronze age fortifications, given their age, are amazingly well preserved. With its history of four thousand years, Troy has become one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world. 

When we first enter this ancient city we will see first the Trojan Wooden Horse used in the movie, which Hollywood gave to Troy residents as a present to promote the tourism. The city is known to have 9 archaeological layers. All these layers consisting of house foundations, theatres, public bath houses, and various artefacts. However, what has indicated its advanced technology is the sewage system.

While Troy Ä° dates from 3200 BC,  the city of Homers Ä°liad is now believed to be Troy VÄ°. 
According to the excavations, the city showed that it was founded and devastated several times in its history, resulting in layers of settlement marked 1 to 9 can be seen simultaneously. Schliemann started his excavations in 1871 which had unearthed 9 ruins of ancient cities and 42 dwellings. King Priam's Treasure was also found during those excavations.Today this city is waiting for those who would like to trace the stories of ancient cultures. Surely so many people who come here find it even more utterly fascinating than when reading books about it.

Enjoy a private stroll for one hour after you have taken in the sights. Look for a lunch place in the local restaurants nearby and relax while watching people walking by. you will have one hour free time to stroll at your leisure or relax while having lunch. 


Lunch is not included in the cost of the tour. We will suggest options for local Turkish restaurants and provide ample time for you to have a sit-down lunch.


- Port pick-up and drop-off
- Entrance fees as per itinerary
- Luxury air-con coach
- Licensed tour guide
- Drinking water in vehicle


- Lunch and beverages
- Gratuities (optional)


This tour requires a bit of walking and we suggest you wear comfortable shoes. As it can be very hot in summer months, please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and any other necessary sun gear with you.

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